The Dark Hills Divide: the Land of Elyon, Book 1

I always love books with good heroines. This girl talks to animals. So that's fun. This book touches on themes of questioning authority, animal kindness, and personal strength, all of which are coninuously great themes to read no matter what age you are. Alexa is an enjoyable character to follow as she discovers what lies beyond the dark, guarded walls that enlose the town she has always lived in. It's the first in a series of books about the land of Elyon. I guess I wasn't inspired enough to pick up the second yet, but there are memorable details of this story that encourage me to eventually re-visit the series. Harry Potter fans will see a lot of similarities between Pervis and Snape. Actually, they'll see a lot fo similarities, but such is the way of fantasy fiction I suppose.

Author: Patrick Carmen

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