I really bought into the hype. I bought the book, for goodness sake, and I hardly EVER buy a book I've never read before. Yes, yes, it was written by a teenager and yes, it has gotten great reviews and yes, it was made into a movie. I thought the book stunk. It was a bad retelling of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Dragonriders of Pern. These are all respectable stories, and archetypal, but GOD I got sick of seeing them poorly rehashed in this novel that was in need of heavy editing. I didn't like the main character. If Luke Skywalker was whiny, this kid was downright obnoxious. He is guided by a man who is a one-dimensional mix of Aragorn and Obi Wan Kanobe, who we know from the minute we meet him is more than who he says he is, which leaves me wondering if we were supposed to be surprised when he reveals his true identity? Please. Congrats to Christopher Paolini for writing a best-selling novel that appealed to tons of kids; but I've heard this story before.

Author: Christopher Paolini

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