Wise Child

Wise Child is a book about a young girl who becomes apprentice to a village healing woman, Juniper. Wise Chile is reluctant to go, since the villagers consider Juniper to be a witch, but Wise Child soon comes to realize that superstitions and rumors don't come close to describing the amazing woman that Juniper turns out to be. FIlled with medieval lore about plants and herb use, lifestyles, and healing knowledge, this is a wonderful book for anyone who enjoyed Mists of Avalon and Clan of the Cavebear. As Wise Child grows into a young woman, her skills and knowledge become finely honed tools as she aids Juniper in her healing arts. This book is actually the second book in a series written by Monica Furlong, who was, ironically, a stout Christian. However, reading-wise it is sequentially the first book to read. It is followed by Colman and Juniper.

Author: Monica Furlong

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