Wolf Brother

Beautiful nature descriptions await you in this first of three novels by Michelle Paver. Set in the Stone Age, it's a mix of Clan of the Cave Bear, Princess Mononoke and Lord of the Rings (thematically, anyway. Obviously not as epic). There's even a Gollum kind of character about halfway through the book that I actually think is pretty unnecessary,
but oh well. It's a good story anyway. Another boy/girl save the world
combo (aided by a wolf, which actually works. Usually I tend todislike
books where one of the main characters is an animal), with the boy
being the central character in a quest to rid the Forest of an enraged
demon. This could have been a really trashy book full of stereotypes;
instead, it is a refreshing, well-described, uniquely fleshed-out world
that had me reaching for the sequel . It is followed by Spirit Walker and Soul Eater

Author: Michelle Paver

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