Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Had to borrow the sequel as soon as I finished the first one. Seriously
addictive. Imbued with Dave Berry's humour and Pearson's touch of
mystery, this sequel to Peter and theStarcatchers is every bit as
engaging and original as the first. It's a little darker, namely
because it takes place in a dank and dismal depiction of London, but
also because of a fairly creepy character who is the namesake shadow
thief. Still, I think it's appropriate for all ages and is a fantastic
read-out-loud book. This novel once again rewrites the story of Peter
Pan, this time addressing the strange phenomenon of losing one's
shadow, as Peter did in the opening scene of the Disney movie. By the
way, I've only ever seen the Disney film, and this book still appeals
to me.I'm guessing since Disney had a hand in distributing and publishing, they made sure it would.

Authors: Dave Berry and Ridley Pearson
Publishing info: Disney Editions (July 15, 2006)

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